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Does the process of designing and installing a landscaping project seem like a daunting task? We demystify the process, making it exciting and easy to navigate.

It starts with a lot of listening.

Part of our mission is to "create a unique, high quality landscape experience for our clients." We live that out from the very beginning as we carefully listen and take note of your concerns, your questions, and your vision. We even listen if you don't have a vision, and need help forming one! 

Then we have some learning to do.

Yes, we are experienced at our trade, but if we have never stepped foot on your property, we have a lot to learn. We visit your site with you and discuss the unique problems and possibilities of your home before we ever touch the drawing board. After all, how can we create a unique, problem-solving landscape design if we don't know the problems?

You always know what you're getting.

If you don't work with blueprints every day, it can be difficult to understand what your property will look like after we're finished. We put your mind at ease before you sign the contract with clearly-marked landscaping plans, colorful 3D renderings, and plant photobooks that show the color, texture, and form of your plants. It is much easier to make revisions on paper than it is to make them out on your property. You have the final word on the design before the ground is ever broken.

We don't just talk about it - we build it.

Once you are satisfied with the plan, we bring it to life at your home. A landscape can be a many-layered project - site grading, drainage considerations, plant life, natural elements, water features, construction components and other pieces all have to be fitted together like a puzzle. We manage the entire process from start to finish, and see to it that you are the satisfied owner of a wonderful new landscaping. Ready to get us sketching? Give us a call!

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