Using Metal as a Landscape Element


Using Metal as a Landscape Element

Contrast is one of a landscape designer’s favorite tricks, an unexpected way to showcase beauty; wispy, delicate flowers against strong, solid stone. Low, thick groundcover and tall, vivid perennials. Metal structures surrounded by natural foliage. Often it’s the delicate balance between strong and weak, plain and beautiful, or lush and stark that has the best visual effect in a design.

Today I’d like to explore the realm of using metal in outdoor landscaping. Cast iron, wrought iron, stainless steel and re-purposed metal can be effectively employed as a structural and decorative element in landscape designs. Because metals are such a varied element and come in so many forms, their purposes in design are many.


Look at your property for a moment. Is it empty and blank? Halfway landscaped? Outdated? Often landscape dilemmas can be overcome by the right plantings of trees, shrubs, perennials or groundcovers. Lawn areas can be shaped to accomplish the desired balance and function, but there’s often an extra touch needed, and metal comes to the rescue. The mood and style of the garden can be subtly shaped by metal elements. When you think of your potential landscape design, what style are you wanting to reproduce? What atmosphere do you want to create in your backyard? Consider that the long-lasting, elegant solution may involve well-designed metal elements.

Despite the extra work and time required, Fullmer’s Landscaping has always seen metal as an important way to add dimension, style, strength, and texture to landscape designs—whether that’s in the form of a small sculpture, a large structure, or a wrought iron fence enclosing a garden.

If you’re interested in crafting a landscape space, and if adding metallic elements to your design sounds exciting, contact us. Our talented team of designers, metal-workers, and landscape-installers would be more than happy to make your dreams come true.

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