Three Steps to a Well-Manicured Lawn


Three Steps to a Well-Manicured Lawn

Have you ever considered giving your lawn a manicure instead of ‘mowing your yard?’

When discussing maintenance with our customers, we’ve learned the benefit of changing our terms. We  often say “lawn manicuring” instead of “mowing,” etc. We believe these terms shape our attitude toward your landscape; our goal is always a crisp and gentle care with an eye toward the finished, well-maintained lawn—instead of mowing and blowing through in a harried rush. Fullmers’ team of dedicated Estate Gardeners and Lawn Manicurists apply this consistent effort and good attitude to many of our completed landscape designs, keeping them sparkling, sharp, and inviting.

It may seem overwhelming, but it is not difficult to maintain a manicured lawn. Consistency is the key in this endeavor. It takes time and energy, yes, but if you stay on top of the Trimming, Edging, and Cutting, you will have a lawn fit for a king—all summer long.

Here’s the three steps our Lawn Manicurists say are crucial to maintaining your lawn!

Cutting the Grass

What has historically been grudgingly employed as a Saturday morning chore—and sometimes only after the yard looks like a sheep pasture—we hope to see as an art form. A step as critical to your home’s beauty as the plants selected to complement your landscape.

Fullmer’s manicurists recommend cutting grass with the sharpest blades possible. With dull mower blades, your lawn will take on a shaggier, whitish look. 

Long, sharply cut grass will be a quality asset to your lawn. Set your mower deck/blades to 3 ½ - 4 inches. Minimize short grass at the edges of your lawn, and keep the grass trimmed straight--not at an angle. This will leave the outskirts of the lawn sharp and crisp.

When you begin to cut your grass, cut around the perimeter twice, and then begin your pattern of mowing across the yard. This reduces grass on unwanted surfaces and gives you extra space to turn around if needed.

If possible, do not cut in the same direction every time. You should mow in two to four different directions on a consistent rotation. To produce a uniform, patterned appearance, cut 45 or 90 degrees to your previous stripe. Need to keep a straight line? Look ahead to a fixed object and aim for that as you move across the yard. This sets your first stripe. After that is established, mow back and forth from one side to the other to complete the patterned lawn.

These simple manicuring tips will help your lawn to shine. If followed, your grass should be able to stand on its own as a valuable asset, but should not distract from the other landscape designs on your property.


Once your lawn is effectively manicured, it’s time to clean up around the edges. Often mowers cannot cut closely around hard objects or corners. Use shears or a string trimmer to cut the grass (or weeds) around any hard objects—asphalt driveways, sidewalks, concrete decorations—but remember to not trim the grass too short. Keep it straight and sharp for a clean, cohesive finish.


Around the bedlines, use a sharpened spade to trim away any unwanted or messy sod. Without this edging, the grass from the lawn will eventually overflow into your planting beds. Instead of a sharp, differentiated finish, you’ll be left with a tangled mess of mulch, plants, and lawn. Slice firmly through the far edge of the lawn; this leaves you a clean soil/grass edge. Dispose of the leftover dirt clods, and fill the bed with mulch up to the edge to create the best contrast between lawn and planting.

After you've finished these steps, rake up any loose grass and use a blower or broom to clean debris from the hard surfaces. Sometimes it's the little steps that contribute the most to a perfectly manicured landscape. 

Fullmer’s Crew employs the lawn manicuring tips on all our maintenance jobs. We’re committed to giving you the fine, specific care necessary for a healthy, shiny, beautiful lawn and landscape. Hopefully, these three steps enable you to produce the same controlled, constant care in your own landscape design.

If you don’t have the time or energy to maintain your lawn, feel free to give us a call. We have a team of skilled, committed lawn manicurists who’d love to give you a hand!  

Here’s to a new year of beauty!

Rayna Huffman 

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